We are a long-lasting and experienced manufacturer of CCTV cameras, and supply the cameras on an OEM and ODM base for our worldwide customers.

At a technology-oriented company, the features of our CCTV product we present are always suited for a niche market. Some of unique and extra feature on our cameras are able to compete with other brand names.

We design and manufacture CCTV cameras using the newly advanced technologies. Furthermore, we are strongly supported by our suppliers of the key component, so the products we produce can surely save our customers lot of costs and shorten a lead time. Especially, one hundred precent of inspection and fine tuning in process make it reliable to deliver the product without worrying about return, of course, this is also due to an excellent power supply of our cameras. We belive firmly that power is the heart of the camera and camera's life is associated with user's security.

In the CCTV industry, we anticipate that we will be able to extend the existience benefits to those who we see as a valuable partner in the future.